Open Door Fellowship – Denver

Journeying together all the way through to become like Jesus.


Testimonies of God’s Grace at our Church

Don wrote:

“I think Open Door Fellowship is a great place. I love the music and ministry.”

Randy wrote:

“This church is one of the main factors of getting me where I am today clean and sober and in love with the Lord!

Carol wrote:

“My favorite thing about Open Door Fellowship is the people. Seeing how God uses each of us is a real blessing.”

Mike wrote:

DSC_1952“ODF has a very diverse community of people, from those just coming off the streets and from jails, to those challenged with handicaps, to people in the outreach ministry ODM “houses”, to singles, young and older families. They have newborn Christians and those who have been involved in churches for years. Gender and race are accepted into any of the ministries. The church is only minutes away from my apartment. It also reaches out to the homeless people of the area. I can tell those I meet on the street or in the park that they can find a meal, a warm and understanding set of pastors and a congregation that will meet their spiritual and physical needs, if they chose to use them.I have been a member of suburban churches for 50 years and I purposely chose ODF because I felt the Lord was leading me there to minister, not just go to church on Sunday. I am excited about what the Lord can do through us to the greater Denver area, and through outreaches throughout the world. I am continually amazed about how this church can do all that it does, from the heavy use of the church building to the number of pastors and staff.”


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