Open Door Fellowship – Denver

Journeying together all the way through to become like Jesus.

Church FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions
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    • What type of church is Open Door Fellowship?
    • Is Open Door Fellowship connected with a denomination or association of other churches?
    • Does the church have a list of core beliefs?
    • Who should I call if I have a question about the church?
    • How does ODF relate to Open Door Ministries or the Providence Network?

Q: What type of church is Open Door Fellowship?

A: Open Door Fellowship (ODF) is a protestant evangelical church that has a strong diversity of church backgrounds. Our attendees come from a wide range of Christian churches and denominations. ODF is actually multi-denominational in affiliation which means we have formal connections with several regional and national church associations. When describing Open Door Fellowship, many of our congregation use terms like “Bible church” or “nondenominational” to describe their experience. Many visitors from suburban churches use terms like “mission church” to describe the strong emphasis on reaching out to our community they experience when they attend. ODF (like many churches) is difficult to put your finger on without experiencing it. Come join us some Sunday and see for yourself!

Q: What denominations is Open Door Fellowship associated with?
A: Open Door Fellowship is associated formally with the following denominations:
Some Open Door Fellowship pastors are associated with other Christian denominations and church associations.

Q: What are Open Door Fellowship’s Core Beliefs?
A: A great place to start reading about what we believe is our Statement of Faith. If you have any further questions or specifics about what we believe, please don’t hestitate to ask.

Q: Who should I call if I have a question?
A: Our church office is open between 9 am and 4 pm on weekdays (except holidays) and our staff would love to take your questions. If we can’t get an answer to you immediately, we’ll pass it to someone here who can answer it. Call our office number: 303-830-2201 or feel free to email us.

Q: What are the Open Door Ministries or the Providence Network?
A: Open Door Ministries is an extension of Open Door Fellowship and a growing non-profit organization that embraces needy and broken people in urban Denver with the heart and hands of Jesus. The Providence Network is a non-profit committed to fostering life transformation through Christ-centered residential programs that develop restoring communities of faith. Providence Network entered into a long-term partnership with Andy Cannon and Open Door Fellowship in 1988.

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