Open Door Fellowship – Denver

Journeying together all the way through to become like Jesus.


How to Donate:

By Check or Automatic Bank Billing

Donations by check should be made out to Open Door Fellowship and mailed to PO Box 18018, Denver, CO 80218.  If you would like to request the funds be designated to a staff member or specific ministries, please make a note on a separate piece of paper (not on the check memo line).  Many banks now offer automated bill paying services for free.  If you would like to send regular donations via your bank payment system, simply set up Open Door Fellowship as a “payee.” If you would like to designate your gift, use the note field your bank provides or the account number field.



Automatic Bank Account Direct Giving

If you’d like to give to Open Door Fellowship (ODF) or support one of our staff members you can now authorize ODF to transfer a regular amount from your bank account.  Simply print out this page, fill in the details, void a check, and mail the form and the voided check to Open Door Fellowship, PO Box 18018, Denver, CO 80218.

Bank Account Direct Giving (Automatic Withdrawal) Form:
I authorize Open Door Fellowship to transfer the following monthly gifts from my bank account:

Total monthly gift: $____________   Designation: ______________________

Name: ________________________________________________________

Bank: _________________________________________________________

I would like the monthly bank account withdrawal done on the following date:
___ 5th  ___ 20th    Starting month:_____________



A voided check from the above account must be included with this request.

I acknowledge that the origination of ACH transactions to my account must comply with the provisions of US law.

I understand that my future monthly gifts will be transferred directly from my banking account and will appear on my statement.  If at any time I wish to increase, decrease or suspend my giving, I can contact Open Door Fellowship at 303-830-2201 x2.


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