Open Door Fellowship – Denver

Journeying together all the way through to become like Jesus.

Related Ministries

Expecting to find someone else here? 

Don’t worry, they may be staff of Open Door Ministries or Providence Network.  For more information about our relationship with these terrific non-profit ministries check out  this overview.

Still can’t find who you’re looking for? Perhaps you are looking for staff or volunteers associated with Jesus Christ Our Church (JCOC). JCOC is a church that leases our space for their Saturday outreach ministry. Open Door Fellowship commissioned several members to join JCOC during their process of incorporation. Our deep friendship and collaboration in ministry goes back over half a decade.

Restoration Worship Center (RWC) and Restoration Outreach Programs (ROP) also have a strong historic connection with Open Door and have staff members that have worked for our organizations in the past.


One comment on “Related Ministries

  1. Dewey Johnson
    July 27, 2016

    Missing you guys, it’s hard to get down there from 92nd and Pecos. I do love living up here you just have to have a northern branch, lol hope all is well, hi to Matt and Matt, Walter , Saby, Jarrod, Andy and everyone else.

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